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Poppy + Ted

Dachshund Bandana: Breed Collection

Dachshund Bandana: Breed Collection

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Celebrate these adorable long-bodied pups' unique charm and personality with our delightful miniature dachshund bandana. Made with the utmost care and attention to detail, our bandanas are the perfect way to showcase your dachshund's individuality. They effortlessly enhance your dachshund's style, making them the centre of attention wherever they go. Treat your beloved pooch to a fashionable and comfortable bandana for dachshunds that celebrates their unique spirit and adds a touch of flair to their wardrobe.

Crafted from high-quality fabric, our miniature dachshund bandanas offer both comfort and style. The exclusive dachshund-inspired print captures the lovable characteristics of this breed, from their expressive eyes to their playful nature. With an adjustable design, our bandanas ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your dachshund, allowing them to strut their stuff confidently.

If you love this sweet dachshund print, find more products featuring our cute illustrations in our wider dachshund breed collection. You can complete your pup’s look with a matching dachshund bow tie and harness

  • Classic Tie-On Triangular Bandana
  • Easy Fold or Unfold to Desired Length (from puppy to fully grown)
  • Available in ONE SIZE: Suitable for up to 43cm neck
  • Cooling Fabric Properties: Soak in water during hot weather to keep your dog cool!
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