Mini Caramel Plaid - Chest Harness
Mini Caramel Plaid - Chest Harness
Mini Caramel Plaid - Chest Harness
Mini Caramel Plaid - Chest Harness

Mini Caramel Plaid - Chest Harness

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Looking for a soft, stylish and sturdy harness? You've come to the right place! 

Poppy + Ted Harnesses are made with the softest scuba lining and trim which is both moveable and breathable for your dog - with a whole array of cotton prints to suit your pups style. What's more - you choose your soft scuba trim colour too! 

Featuring a sturdy webbing adjustable chest and buckle attachment, finished with a metal clasp and hardware - you choose the colour! Rose Gold, Matt Black, or Silver.

And yes - they're washable too! We highly recommend hand washing to keep your harnesses and their colour in tip-top condition (just a small soak/spot wash will do the trick!) but for particularly mucky pups you can machine wash on cool at 30 degrees. Please just ensure to pop inside of a wash bag/pillowcase to protect your hardware! 

How to measure! 

Measure your dog at the following points:

A - circumference (all the way around) measurement at very base of neck.

B - circumference (all the way around) measurement at widest point of the chest, right behind the front legs.

C - measurement from base of neck, under front chest to behind the front back legs (your dogs "armpits").

Compare these measurements to the guide below. The measurements in the chart demonstrate the physical measurements of the harness and the smallest - widest points the adjustable chest strap allows.

Ensure that your dog's measurements fit inside of the measurements, allowing an approx 2 finger width fit at all points for your dog to fit comfortably inside. If you are on the edge of a measurement, we recommend sizing up.  

Example: Your dog measures the below, we recommend a size MEDIUM

A - 32cm
B - 45cm
C - 16cm 

*Please note that as each item is handmade to order, fabric placement and pattern size can vary slightly from one piece to another, and as shown.*