Walk + Wear | The Treat Pouch - Gold Dust

Walk + Wear | The Treat Pouch - Gold Dust

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Walk + Wear | The Treat Pouch in Gold Dust

Width: 20cm
Height: 12cm
Depth: 8cm 
Bag circumference: adjustable from 80cm-125cm

Ever end up leaving the house with no pockets, and try juggling your phone, keys and your dog whilst trying to pick up a poop? Or you've got pockets but fed up of finding squished treats and crumbs all the time? We've got the solution for you!

Our brand new stylish Treat Pouches are lightweight and compact, but big enough to fit your phone and keys into an inside pocket (plus your purse/wallet if you need to!) and plenty of room for your dogs favourite treats.

Perfect for training, you can wear your Treat Pouch around your waist, or across the shoulder/chest - the comfort part is up to you!  

Taking a walk with your dog is daily occurrence, a time for fun and for bonding. So whether you’re perusing the streets on your daily walk, running through the countryside or hitting the latest pup meet at the bark park - we’ve got you covered for all occasions.