christmas gifts for dog groomers

Christmas Gift Guide: For Dog Groomers

christmas gifts for dog groomers

If it weren’t for dog groomers, our four-legged friends would be running around like oversized furballs. They would likely be bumping into every door, wall and table because they can’t see past the hair hanging over their eyes. 

Our groomers have the patience of saints. Whether it's calming our over-excited pups or dealing with our last-minute pleas for an appointment yesterday because we totally forgot we’ll be away next week, and so on. 

So, when it comes to the season of giving, of course, we want to show our dog groomers how much we appreciate them. If you’re looking for ideas on what to gift your dog groomer this Christmas, we are here to help. We have pulled together fantastic gifts for the dog groomers in your life with options to suit every budget. 

Dog Groomer Gifts Under £5

Even the smallest tokens are greatly appreciated at Christmas, so you don’t have to break the bank to show appreciation. Our gifts for dog groomers under £5 are filled with self-care goodness that your groomer will love. 


Hand-Crafted Christmas Chocolate Box

Website: Simon Dunn Chocolatier

Gift: Box of 6 Handmade Chocolates

Price: £4.95

christmas chocolates

When it comes to Christmas gifting, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolates. But shopping on the high street can be uninspiring, and the usual chocolate bars on the shelf feel more like grocery shopping rather than present gifting. 

So, choose a selection of hand-crafted chocolates from chocolatiers Simon Dunn, and wow your dog groomer with indulgent flavour. This small box of chocolates contains six of Simon Dunn’s most popular signature flavours, all vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free. 

Packaged in a beautifully festive box and finished with a bow, this Christmas chocolate box is the perfect token to say thank you for the year. 

Christmas Hand Cream 

Website: Pretty Little Treats

Gift: Christmas Hand Creams

Price: £5

christmas hand cream

After working with their hands all year round, your dog groomer would undoubtedly appreciate a moisturising balm. These little jars of hand creams are the perfect choice to soothe dry skin and cracked fingertips, as they are filled with sweet almond oil and beeswax. 

Handmade by Pretty Little Treats, you can explore a variety of scents available. However, we love this super festive option decorated in sweet Christmas imagery, arriving in a citrus and fruit blossom blend fragrance. 

Gift on its own or as part of a hamper of little gifts, a Christmas hand cream is a beautifully thoughtful gift for groomers working with many different products and handwashing throughout their day. 

Dog Groomer Gifts Under £10 

Setting a budget for Christmas gifts is important to ensure you don’t go overboard on spending. This is why we love the humble £10 gift, as we think it is more than enough to find something practical and appreciated that they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. 

Dog Bow Tie 

Website: Poppy & Ted

Gift: Dog Bow Ties

Price: £6.99

dog bow tie

For a simple and sweet gift that will make your dog groomer smile, choose a bow tie from our collection at Poppy & Ted. 

Whether they have their own pooch they love to pamper or are looking for accessories to snap some Instagram-worthy pics of each dog’s fresh cut, a bow tie is perfect. 

These sweet bow ties make the perfect finishing touch to other gifts and can be used to adorn bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates with a bow.

Dog Cologne & Deodorising Scent  

Website: Poppy & Ted

Gift: Dog Cologne & Deodorising Spray

Price: £7.99

dog deodorising spray

Did you know that dog cologne was a thing? Well, your groomer does; it is an essential part of their dog grooming kit. 

Giving your pup a final spritz at the end of their grooming session is why your dog comes out smelling so delicious and is a dog groomer’s best-kept secret. Why not treat them to a new scent or product, and ensure your gift is one they will be happy and excited to try? 

Our Poppy & Ted dog cologne and deodorising scent arrives in a sweet-smelling baby powder that all dog parents will be head over heels for. 

Dog Groomer Gifts Under £20

Are you looking to spend a little more? Our dog groomer gifts under £20 selection are filled with gifts you may not have thought of but make perfect sense! These are some fantastic options for a well-rounded present. 

Mini Stationary Box

Website: Notes & Clips

Gift: Mini 5-Piece Stationary Box

Price: £14.99

mini stationary box

At the start of each new year, we all aspire to get organised and focused. So, why not help your dog groomer in their quest for organisational prowess with this aesthetic mini stationary box filled with must-have staples?

Handmade by Notes & Clips, this mini-five-piece stationary box comes with two notebooks, a little memo card, a pen and a set of planner stickers. It’s a fantastic way for dog groomers to keep track of appointments, make notes on their different furry customers and keep shopping lists for supplies.

All the mini stationary kits from Notes & Clips make for gorgeous gifts and are available in many colour palettes and patterns to match every aesthetic. 

Dog Wall Art

Website: Yappy

Gift: Personalised Dog Wall Art

Price: £14.99

personalised dog wall art

Why not gift your dog groomer something to decorate their salon space? The scenery may become repetitive when they spend all day in the same studio trimming, cutting and pampering our pooches. 

Choose a doggy-inspired wall print for your groomers to decorate and uplift their salon with artwork that humans and dogs alike can enjoy. Colourful and bold colours will brighten up any space, and funny quotes will uplift the mood on even the most miserable days. 

This is surely an on-brand gift that will delight and surprise your dog groomer. 

Dog Groomer Gifts Under £30

For the groomer you have remained faithful to for years, you might be looking for a slightly more substantial gift. So, these presents will touch the heart of the dog groomers that are more like friends and family to your pups. 

Dog Silhouette Waterproof Apron

Website: The Dog Groomer’s Wardrobe

Gift: Dog Grooming Waterproof Apron

Price: £25

dog grooming apron

Gifting your dog groomer an apron that is stylish and practical is the perfect way to show them how much you appreciate everything they do. From tackling puppies in the bath to trimming, shaping and blow drys, a lot of work and effort goes into a grooming session. 

It’s certainly hard work. But you can help your dog groomer feel glamorous even during mundane tasks with this frilled waterproof apron from The Dog Groomer’s Wardrobe. 

We love this handmade pick adorned with a sweet, subtle dog silhouette pattern that every groomer will love. Plus, one size fits all with this apron, promising a comfy fit crafted by grooming experts.

Luxury Christmas Bookcase Inspired Candle 

Website: The Wild Botanist

Gift: Luxury Scented Christmas Candles

Price: £25 Each

christmas scented candle

Finally, give your dog groomer the gift of sweet and homely smells that are a welcome distraction from the usual wet dog odours that might cling to their noses. 

After a long day surrounded by the scents of different products and dogs, lighting a luxury candle is the perfect way to unwind from the day’s duties. We think a pick from this beautiful storybook collection from The Wild Botanist is the perfect way to treat your dog groomer to something they might not have thought to indulge in themselves. 

Available in a range of classic Christmas scents, each candle is inspired by a different festive film or book and includes a decorative passage or quote printed on the back. 

More Gifting Inspiration

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the gifting ideas you now have for your dog groomer? Don’t worry; we are positive they will love whatever gift you choose for them. 

Remember that Christmas is not about how much you spend or how extravagant your gift is, but instead, the thought and sentiment that goes into what you choose. Any dog groomer would love to receive any of the gifts we have listed, so you can shop easily with the help of our dog groomer gift guide. 

Why not complete your gift with more options from our Poppy & Ted gift set range, or explore our popular Christmas collection?

If you’re looking for more inspiration, find the ideas you need from our wider collection of gifting guides.

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