As passionate dog owners we understand what your pups mean to you! And we too, want the very best for your dogs.

At Poppy + Ted our aim is to create essential, stylish walking accessories such as Collars, Harnesses and Leads. Because who said essential had to mean boring?

Walk the streets of London, explore the British Countryside, hit a New York City pup meet or take an evening stroll to your favourite park. Wherever you might be in the world, whether your pup enjoys fetching a ball or posing for the camera - our Dog Threads + Accessories have got you covered for all occasions. 

We love hearing from our customers and seeing how you style your Pop + Ted Threads. Join our community on Instagram and Facebook and tag us #popandtedthreads for your chance to be featured. 

The story behind our name: 

Who are Poppy + Ted? Teddy (4 year old Frenchie) is the star of the show, the "big boss" and chief bark-eting officer - and his best pal is Poppy (3 year old human "cousin"). Together they love nothing more than hanging out, going on walks, and of course taking nap time together.

We hope to see you in some Pop + Ted Threads soon!
Paige, Ted + Margot x