gifts for dog owners

Christmas Gift Guide: For Dog Owners

gifts for dog owners

Christmas comes but once each year and brings with it a dilemma! What gifts should you buy for your nearest and dearest? Perhaps you have a friend who is a closed book when it comes to knowing what they want, or maybe your gift-giving inspiration is running fry this year. Whatever the case, we’ve compiled the ultimate Christmas gift guide to brighten up the festive period for those friends and family who own a four-legged friend. 

The best thing about dog parents is that they will almost always appreciate a gift that involves both them and their furry friend. We’ve already covered the best gifts for dogs, but now it’s time to show their owners some attention. Here is our ultimate gift guide for dog owners.

A Perfect Paw-trait

Website: Purr & Mutt

Gift: Pet Portraits (Different Styles Available)

Price: Varied

personalised dog portrait

There is no doubt that your dog-owning besties love taking pictures of their dog, with their dog, and never fail to share them with you at any opportunity! Luckily, this means that you can’t go wrong with getting your dog loving friend a customised picture of their canine companion. 


These animal portraits by Purr & Mutt are fun and full of personality and humour. Not only are they unique gifts for any dog owner, but they will also be something they can cherish forever. You can choose from a range of themes for your picture, including royalty, heroes & villains, and even a special festive theme. No need to worry if your dog-owning friend doesn’t have pictures around their home, as the portraits are available as cushions, blankets, mugs, and more! 


Dog Embroidered Sweater

Website: Emma Warren

Gift: Doodle Dog Embroidered Sweater

Price: £28.99

embroidered dog sweater

What better gift for the cold winter months than a sweater? A sweater with dogs on it, that’s what! This stunning Emma Warren embroidered sweater is perfect for cosying up in front of the fire with your pup, sipping a hot chocolate. Or, it can be used as that essential extra layer on those frosty early morning dog walks. 

Your dog-owning friends will both love and appreciate this gift this Christmas. The unique hand drawn design adds a personal touch with cute little pooch illustrations of just about every dog breed you can think of! The sweater is available in various colours and sizes, so you can find one to suit anyone’s style. 


‘It’s a Pop + Ted Christmas’ Adjustable Harness

Website: Poppy + Ted

Gift: Adjustable Christmas Dog Harness

Price: £24.99

christmas dog harness

If you haven’t heard of us, then it’s likely the dog owner in your life has. Our walk + wear range is exactly what you need to jazz up any dog walk. If they haven’t already, we’re sure your dog-loving friends or family would love to get their paws on one of our famous adjustable harnesses. 

We’ve created a wide variety of dog harnesses that are durable, versatile, and designed with both comfort and style in mind. We make all our harnesses from a blend of polyester and neoprene to withstand all kinds of weather. They come in a range of funky prints and patterns, but we think our new festive design takes the dog biscuit! Our harnesses will put a smile on anyone’s face, even dogs! 

Fingerless Gloves

Website: Turtle Doves

Gift: Red Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

Price: £26.25 (Sale)

red fingerless gloves

Walking in the dead of winter can be painful, especially for your extremities! That’s why gloves are a dog owner-essential. However, they can become a bit of a hassle when grabbing a poop back or getting a treat out to reward your well-behaved pooch. More often than not, this means you return home minus one glove and have to buy a new pair.

This is where fingerless gloves come in. They provide all the warmth of regular gloves with the added practicality of leaving your fingers free to move without having to take them off and risk losing them in the snow. These stunning cashmere wool fingerless gloves from Turtle Doves are handmade and will provide both cosy warmth and style. Your friend is sure to thank you for this one!


New Dog Owner Essentials

Website: Poppy + Ted

Gifts: Full Range of New Dog Accessories

Price: Varied

leopard print dog harness

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who has recently made a canine addition to their home. In this case, they will likely need all the help and supplies they can get. They may not know what they’re going to need down the line, so it can be tricky to know what to get them that will be useful.

Luckily, we’ve made our ultimate collection of essential items for new dog owners. We’ve taken all the mystery out of what they will need and brought all of the necessary supplies together in one place. We've got everything from harnesses and leads to poop bag holders and bake-at-home dog treats!

Hat & Scarf Set

Website: Etsy 

Seller: Northumbrian Knitting

Gift: Purple/Orange Multicoloured Hat and Scarf Set

Price: £15.50

hat and scarf set

Unfortunately, living in the UK means that at least six months of the year will be spent in the cold, wind, and rain. While this may make dog owners reluctant to venture outside, it won’t make their dogs any less excited to get out and explore. Their fur coats give them an unfair advantage here! One thing’s for sure; your dog owner bestie can never have enough warm winter attire.

Gifting them with a cute matching hat and scarf set is a present they’re sure to thank you for. This hand-knitted hat and scarf set looks gorgeous, and, most importantly, it’s warm and practical too. These autumnal colours are ideal for this time of year, keeping you warm on those dark winter night walks and crisp frosty mornings.


Coffee Cup

Website: Chilly’s

Gift: Black Coffee Cup

Price: £22

black coffee cup

Having a dog guarantees that every morning is an early morning. Whether taking the pooch out for a quick walk before the school run or a long morning stroll before working from home, caffeine is essential for survival! Don’t let your dog-owning loved ones forego their morning cuppa because they have too much on their plate. No one deserves that, especially not at Christmas!

Give them the gift that will become their lifeline. These Chilly’s coffee cup flasks are perfect for taking coffee out on the go and keeping it warm even on the coldest mornings. A winter morning dog walk with a warm drink is a vibe we can all get on board with. The best thing about this gift is it can be used throughout the day too!

Walking Boots

Website: Blacks

Gift: Walking Boots

Price: Varied

walking boots

Walking is a non-negotiable when it comes to owning a dog. Come rain or shine; one thing is for sure: dogs will always need exercise, whatever the weather. Why not make sure your dog-loving friend is equipped with a sturdy pair of walking boots for the year ahead? 

Outdoor stores like Blacks stock a wide selection of walking shoes and boots for everyone and for different levels of walking. Whether your gift is for those who love long walks in the wilderness with their pooch or a stroll around the local park, they’re sure to need a good pair of shoes on their feet. 



Website: Joules

Gift: Dog Printed Wellies

Price: £29.95 (Sale)


Rain seems unavoidable at the moment, so preparing for those wet walks and muddy puddles is essential if you own a dog. A decent pair of wellies is one item a dog owner can’t afford to go without, and we’ve found the paw-fect pair. These stunning printed wellies from Joules are elegant and practical. They’re almost too good to get dirty!


These wellies are good quality, built to last, and made from natural rubber. They even come with a one-year guarantee if you hold onto the receipt. Ice, snow, and mud can all be treacherous, so having a pair of wellies with a good grippy sole is necessary for staying upright, especially if your dog is prone to pulling on the lead. You could even pair this lovely footwear with cozy welly socks to take your gift-giving to the next level.

Personalised Dog Tag

Website: Poppy + Ted

Gift: Personalised Dog Breed ID Tag

Price: £11.50

personalised dog tag

If you know any dog owners, you’ll probably hear about the number of times their dogs lose their ID tags and collars. It’s normal and unavoidable when your pooch loves exploring outside and playing with other dogs. But, this can become a bit of a burden for dog owners. 


Give them the gift they’ll really need this Christmas with one of our personalised dog breed ID tags. Having a spare dog tag to hand is every dog owner’s saving grace. You can select the breed of dog and the handwriting style and fully personalise the contact details on the tag. We also offer a range of colours, including gold, rose gold, and silver. This will certainly be a dog tag to try and hold on to!


Find More Gifts For Both Dogs and Dog Lovers!

Hopefully, this comprehensive gift guide has given you the inspiration you need to provide the perfect gift to your dog-loving friends and family this Christmas. A gift that benefits both dog and owner is sure to go down a treat! 


Here at Poppy + Ted, we stock a full range of dog walking essentials and paw-some gift sets to make Christmas even more special. Both dogs and their owners across the UK love our products, so why let them miss out on a good thing?


You can shop our festive collection for all the essentials this holiday season. Or, if you’re still searching for more ideas, you can explore our full range of items to be enjoyed all year round!

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