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Christmas Gift Guide: For Dogs

Dec 06, 2022Paige Gillard

gift guide for dogsThe most magical time of the year is upon us. A time for gathering with family and friends, enjoying great food and swapping gifts that tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them. 

But if Christmas is a time for family, of course, you will want to get your four-legged best friends in on the fun. Our fur babies are as much a part of the family as our siblings, grandparents, or cousins. So, it’s only right that we want to share the magic with our dogs, whether it's by including them in matching pyjamas, making them a plate of Christmas dinner or gifting them their own stocking. But what on earth do we fill it with? 

If you’re struggling with ideas on what to gift your furry family members this Christmas, let us help. At Poppy & Ted, we have put together the ultimate series of Christmas gift guides, and we are proud to present to your our ‘for dogs’ edit!


Gifts to Treat your Dog 

Treats are one of the first things you want to fill your dog’s stocking. After all, all good pups deserve an abundance of treats for being our besties. But how many are too many? 

We recommend choosing just a few of your dog’s favourite treats and introducing a new kind to add even more excitement. They will go wild when all the delicious smells hit their senses. Plus, don’t forget your dog is likely to be already overindulged with treats across the festive period. So you don’t want to overdo it too much, no matter how tempting that might be! 

To help you choose, here are our favourite dog treats on offer. 

Personalised Festive Snow Globe Iced Biscuit

Website: Fluff & Crumble

Gift: Personalised Festive Snow Globe Iced Dog Biscuit

Price: £4.99

christmas dog biscuitIf you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy treat that won’t break the bank, we have the perfect dog biscuit for your list. 

Depicting a festive snow globe scene with a smiling snowman, this hand-baked treat is as cute as it is delicious. Well, we have that information on good authority from the happy dogs that have sampled these baked goods from Fluff & Crumble. 

What’s more, these iced biscuits can be personalised with your dog’s name, making it perfect if you have more than one pet. Or even family members who may think with their stomachs, not their heads, and want to get their hands on these treats! 



Festive Tasty Bones

Website: Tasty Bone

Gift: Festive Nylon Dog Bone

Price: £4.50 - £9.50

tasty bones

A dog to a bone is like a candy cane to a stocking, so make sure you have at least one delicious treat bone in your dog’s stocking. 

We love the festive selection from Tasty Bone, which promises classic festive flavours that will divert your dog’s attention away from the cooking dinner. In the collection, you can find flavours including honey roast ham, partridge and roast goose, not forgetting the Christmas dinner staple, turkey and cranberry. 

But what makes these festive bones so great? They are perfect for heavy chewers. As they are made from 100% nylon, they are built to last with tasty infused flavours lasting as long as the bone itself. 

Shop festive Tasty Bones built for toy dogs, small dogs and large dogs. 

Festive Peanut Butter Men Iced Dog Biscuit Jar 

Website: Fluff & Crumble

Gift: Festive Peanut Butter Men Iced Dog Biscuits

Price: £10.99 - £12.99

gingerbread dog biscuits

For a treat that keeps on giving, choose this selection of festive peanut butter men hand decorated to resemble classic seasonal gingerbread. 

This pack of iced dog biscuits is perfect if you have more than one fur baby, as they can easily be split among several stockings. Alternatively, you can also choose a cute and subtle branded glass jar to store them in that looks at home in your kitchen among the rest of the festive decor. 

The peanut butter men biscuits are crafted from Fluff & Crumble’s signature peanut butter and coconut recipe and topped with specially formulated icing for dogs.

Dog Christmas Gift Box

Website: Pooch and Mutt

Gift: Dog Christmas Gift Box

Price: £9.99

christmas dog treat box

Sometimes, when struggling to find the perfect gift, it can be easier just to choose a gift box. Treat your four-legged friends to their own Christmas Gift Box from the Good Mood Food experts over at Pooch & Mutt, and get them involved in the festive fun!

This limited edition festive gift box for dogs includes two mouth-watering Turkey & Chicken Christmas Dinners and two packs of Turkey & Cranberry probiotic meaty treats (with a sprinkle of cinnamon for added festive cheer). It’s sure to keep your playful pooch occupied whilst you unwrap your presents.

Both of the festive products in this box are packed full of the usual goodness and optimal ingredients found in the Pooch & Mutt range. The Christmas dinner is a grain-free recipe with fresh turkey and chicken paired with nutritious veggies in an environmentally friendly carton. The Festive Treats are naturally hypoallergenic with a meaty flavour and come packed with added probiotics to aid digestion.


Gifts to Pamper your Dog

When creating any self-care package for a loved one, we always include a few small items to make them feel comfortable and pampered when feeling low. Well, dogs feel anxious, too, especially in periods of change in their routine or if separated from their owners for long periods. 

So, make sure to include a gift or two to make your pooch feel special with these fun ideas. 

Comfy Yet Stylish Harness

Website: Poppy & Ted

Gift: Pink Plaid Adjustable Dog Harness

Price: From £5.99

pink dog harness

Receiving clothes for Christmas is one of the best gifts, and our super comfy harnesses for your pup are the equivalent of you receiving a dreamy new pair of pjs! Why not treat your dog to a cosy harness in their stocking that will make them feel special and keep them warm in the bitter winter cold? 

Our Poppy & Ted collection of dog harnesses has been expertly crafted to ensure the best quality materials for your dogs. You can also choose from various on-trend designs and patterns that promise options to suit every personality. 


Snoozeworthy Dog Beds

Website: Dog Co

Gift: Harris Snoozeworthy Dog Bed

Price: From £69

dog bed

We all love to rest our heads on a comfy pillow after a long day, which is true even for your dogs. Why not indulge them in a premium quality dog bed this Christmas and save yourself some pennies in replacing tatty and worn beds in the process? 

Your dog will love Snoozeworthy dog beds from the Dog Co, which are handcrafted and upholstered with the finest and plushest materials. Perfect for tired paws, you can even choose a memory foam mattress for your chosen dog bed that ensures the best orthopaedic joint support for your dog. 

So, if you have an older dog or just a pup that is restless in the night and struggles to get comfortable, this is the perfect splurge present that is sure to get their tales wagging. 

It’s a Pop + Ted Christmas Dog Bandana

Website: Poppy & Ted

Gift: Green Christmas Dog Bandana

Price: £8.99

christmas dog bandana

How about something lighter on the pocket and in the stocking? Indulgent memory foam pet beds are not the only way to pamper your dog this Christmas. Something as simple as a cute bandana will give them the attention they deserve. 

Your dog will feel special and look as cute as ever with the Christmas dog bandana from right here at Poppy & Ted. 

The Christmas dog bandana is available in two festive colourways. It features an iconic Poppy & Ted design with gingerbread men, Santa hats and, of course, bones, among many more cute and fun motifs. For dogs that don’t love playing dress up, this is the perfect way to make them feel special and look the part for visiting friends and family on the big day. 

Dog Blankets

Website: Snuggie Paws

Gift: Paw Print Dog Pattern Blanket

Price: £11.99 - £29.99

dog blanket

Ensure total comfort for your dog wherever they go with the snuggly and comfortable dog blankets from Snuggie Paws. 

Lighter and thinner than a full dog bed, these blankets are easily transported, so you can make your dog feel like a pampered pooch no matter where they go. Dog blankets are also a great choice ahead of the warmer seasons after Christmas, as they help keep your pup cool. 

Crafted by this small, family-run business, dog blankets from Snuggie Paws are available in various sizes and patterns so that you can find the perfect fit for your dog. We have fallen in love with the classic tartan check pattern for Christmas! 


Gifts to Entertain your Dog

For many of us, we treat dogs like our children. So, we can’t let them miss out on the fun of opening new toys on Christmas day, just like all the other kids. 

Keeping your dogs entertained and stimulated is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy. There is no better time than Christmas to treat them to a couple of new toys to ensure they feel stimulated and challenged while passing the time between walks and cuddle time. 

Textured Nylon Puppy Chew Toy

Website: Nylabone

Gift: Textured Nylon Puppy Chew Toy

Price: $15.29

dog chew toy

When shopping in your local pet shop, you may notice that the puppy toys are all very soft and dainty. But what about puppies ready to start playing a little rougher, who may be struggling with their current selection?

Introduce your puppy to a more durable form of play with the help of a textured nylon puppy chew toy from Nylabone. Created for puppies starting to get their adult teeth, these chew toys are incredibly long-lasting and will teach your puppy healthy chewing habits that protect your home from destruction. 

This is why we think the puppy chew toy from Nylabone is a must-have for your young puppy’s stocking. 



Snuffle Mats Enrichment Toys 

Website: Pawsitive Thinking

Gift: Snuffle Mats & Canine Enrichment Toys

Price: £12.95 - £34

dog toy

Suppose you’re looking for a way to calm down even the most excitable dogs. In that case, a snuffle mat from Pawsitive Thinking might be the perfect option. Hand-crafted using the best quality materials, snuffle mats are available in a range of styles and designs, with options to suit every nose and paws. 

Snuffle mats are designed for enrichment as they feature various textures and shapes for treats to be hidden within the folds of materials. This encourages your dog to go hunting for their treats and makes them taste even more rewarding when they are found. 

These enrichment toys satisfy your dog’s natural desire to sniff and keep them occupied when you cannot give attention freely. 

Bungee Fleece Tug Toy

Website: Tug-e-Nuff

Gift: Bungee Fleece Tug Toy

Price: £19.95

dog pull toy

If your dog loves to tug and pull, they will adore the bungee fleece tug toy from Tug-e-Nuff. Crafted from super-soft yet durable fleece, your dogs can sink their teeth into the fabric and pull and pull without fear of breaking. 

This toy would surely be on every pup’s Christmas list, so treat them to endless fun with this toy that is as beneficial to them as it is to you. With the bungee design, your dog can tug and pull without yanking on your arms and causing neck strain. 

So, is this one a gift for them or us?

More Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers 

We hope you have found our festive gift guide a huge help when it comes to filling your dog’s stocking this Christmas. Just remember to sign the card from Santa Paws and keep the magic alive! 

If you haven’t found the right gifts for your dog here, don’t hesitate to explore our wider collection at Poppy & Ted, where we have items beloved by dogs across the nation. We have even made shopping easier with our handy gift sets on offer. 

Plus, you can shop our entire festive dog accessory collection for even more must-haves this Christmas season. 

Find more gifting inspiration in our wider range of gift guides available.

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