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Christmas Gift Guide: For Dog Walkers

gift guides for dog walkersDog walkers deserve a medal. They dedicate their time to making sure your pooch is taken care of when you have to be elsewhere. Leaving your dog in their hands requires a lot of trust and is a significant relationship built over time. This means it’s nice to get them a little something to say thank you for all their help when it comes to Christmas. 

The festive period can be expensive, so the idea of adding someone else to your present buying list may seem daunting, but you don’t need to worry here. We’ve compiled a guide of affordable small gifts for your dog walker that they can appreciate and use all year round. We’ve found something that caters to everyone’s tastes and needs so that you can find inspiration for your Christmas shopping this year!

2023 Diary

Website: Papier

Gift: Colourblock 2023 Diary

Price: £16-£25

2023 diary

The world gets increasingly hectic by the day, so why not take the stress out of it for your dog walker? They already take on one of your greatest responsibilities, so they deserve that little thing to make their life easier.

There are many benefits to keeping a diary, including increased organisation, setting and achieving daily goals, and stress relief. This can massively benefit someone with many appointments and things to remember. So, this couldn’t be a more suitable gift for a dog walker. They’ll be able to keep track of exactly which dogs they are walking and when with this gorgeous Papier 2023 diary.

Hand Care Gift Set

Website: Neal’s Yard Remedies

Gift: Bee Lovely Nourishing Trio

Price: £12.75 (Sale)

hand cream gift set

Taking care of one dog is hard enough but having multiple dogs at the end of a lead is a hands-on job. Cold and dry weather, washing muddy paws, and keeping a pack of dogs in check takes its toll on your hands. So it’s safe to say your dog walker has been through it this year! The only remedy for tired hands is relaxing with some much-needed hand care.

The Neal’s Yard handcare gift set has everything to take anyone’s paws from drab to fab. The cruelty-free all-natural ingredients have a gorgeous orange oil scent to moisturise and leave you smelling delicious. This gift is a great small gesture and a way to show gratitude for your dog walker’s help throughout the year.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Website: Poppy + Ted

Gift: Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Price: £5.99

compostable dog poop bags

Picking up poop is no joke for a dog walker. They have to do it day in and day out, so they’ll need a product they can rely on to get the job done. Why not treat them to some of our compostable Adios poop bags for Christmas? This is an excellent gift to give and, more importantly, one you know they’ll genuinely need and use.


Not only are these poop bags durable and come in a range of colours, but they do their bit for the planet too. They are fully compostable and break down within 3-6 months. What’s more, 1% of the cost of our poop bags will be donated to clean ocean charities. Both your dog walker and the environment will thank you for this one.

Embroidered Sweater

Website: Emma Warren

Gift: ‘Dogs Are My Favourite People’ Embroidered Sweater

Price: £30

embroidered dog sweatshirt

It’s safe to say no one has a passion for pooches like a dog walker. They dedicate their day to our four-legged friends, so they are guaranteed to be obsessed. You could maybe even say they prefer dogs to people! If you know this is the case with your dog walker, why not get them the jumper to express how they feel?

This lovely embroidered jumper by Emma Warren is perfect for a dog walker. It will keep them warm and cosy when they’re out walking on cold days and show everyone just how much they love their job! The sweater comes in a variety of colours and sizes, complete with an adorable embroidered design of cute doggy doodles. What’s not to love?

Bamboo Travel Mug

Website: Sophie Allport

Gift: Fetch Bamboo Travel Mug

Price: £6 (Sale)

bamboo travel mugsCoffee on the go is a must when it comes to early morning starts. Dog walkers will understand the pain of leaving their half-finished cups of coffee at home while they head out to pick up their first dogs for the day. A travel cup can solve all these problems and more and would make a wonderful gift to give your dog walker this Christmas. 

This cute bamboo travel mug by Sophie Allport is just made for someone who loves dogs! It is 350ml, so not too big to carry when you’ve got multiple dogs at the end of the lead. This cup will prevent you from leaving your drink to go cold in the kitchen. It’s also great for warming up those chilly winter morning walks.


Split Lead

Website: Poppy + Ted

Gift: Dog Split Leads

Price: £9.99

dog split leads

Walking more than one dog is a new challenge, but dog walkers seem to have it down to a fine art. However, negotiating two or more leads can be a struggle, no matter your level of experience. Multiple dogs pulling in different directions can leave you stressed and in a tangle of dog leads. Nobody wants that if it can be avoided!

You can make all of this stress go away with one of our very own split leads. Available in a wide range of colours, our split leads are designed to walk two (or more) dogs with one lead. The split attachment length is fully adjustable and uses our standard trigger clip suitable for both harnesses and collars. You can have a maximum of three dogs attached to one lead at any time. Your dog walker will breathe a grateful sigh of relief if they receive this gift.

A Cup of Festive Cheer 

Website: Fortnum & Mason

Gift: Wines and Spirits

Price: Varied

wines and spirits

The holiday season calls for high spirits and merriment. What better way to unwind on a cold Christmas evening that with a glass of something fancy? If you know your dog walker enjoys wine or other alcohol, then treating them to a bottle of something special can be a simple yet effective gift that they are sure to enjoy. 

They may have already expressed a favourite beverage, so you can buy it and get it wrapped up. If they are less fussy and want to try something different, you can get them one of these delicious Fortnum & Mason wines. 


Sustainable Coffee

Website: NORLO

Gift: Organic Coffee

Price: £9

organic ground coffee

There are plenty of passionate coffee connoisseurs out there. Is your dog walker one of them? If so, a great gift idea would be to get them some nice new coffee. You can bring the luxury of coffee house beans to your home with NORLO’s range of ground coffee and coffee beans.

They have coffee suitable for all brewing types, so you don’t need a fancy coffee machine to taste the great flavours. They even offer monthly subscriptions, so if your dog walker tries it and likes it, they can get more delivered directly to their door! This coffee will be the perfect remedy for those early morning dog walks that require a bit of extra energy. 

Poop Bag Holder

Website: Poppy + Ted

Gift: Dog Poop Bag Holders

Price: £8.99

dog poop bag holder

Walking multiple dogs, unfortunately, means one thing—more poop to pick up. Your dog walker will have picked up their fair share of your dog’s poop over the past year, so it’s worth getting them a little something to make the job easier. Our poop bag holders are just the thing you need to pick up poop in style. Their fun designs and colour combos make them cute accessories and can be easily clipped onto your waistband or a dog lead. 

Our poop bags store an entire roll of poop bags which can be easily refilled whenever needed. Dog walkers everywhere can benefit from having one of these bad boys on their dog walks. We’re sure this gift will revolutionise their life and make picking up poop quicker and easier than ever.

Collapsible Water Bowl

Website: Ruff Wear

Gift: Great Basin Dog Bowl

Price: £32.95

dog water bowl

Our summers are getting hotter than ever before, so your pup will be thirstier. Even early morning summertime walks will require water. Still, it can be difficult to carry a standard dog bowl in your backpack can be difficult. That’s where collapsible dog bowls come in handy. When leaving water at home is not an option, these bowls allow you to travel light and save space with their compact design.

This will make a particularly great gift for a dog walker because they will be required to carry lots of water depending on how many dogs they are walking, so there will already be limited space in their bag. These ultralight collapsible bowls are waterproof, so your dog can quickly rehydrate and carry on with their walk in one smooth move. 

We Have Gift Ideas For Every Dog Lover!

If you have any other people you need to buy for, we have gift guides for dog owners, dog groomers, and more on our website! We’ve got you covered when it comes to gift-spiration this Christmas. 

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift, why not look at some of our other amazing Poppy + Ted products? Our products are loved and enjoyed by dogs and humans and will surely please your family and friends this festive season.

You can shop the rest of our festive collection to discover more great gift ideas.
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