Help Your Dog to Love Their Harness

Help Your Dog to Love Their Harness

If you've ever struggled with getting your pup to put on a harness without the "paws of resistance," you're in for a treat. In this guide, we're diving nose-first into the world of helping your dog not only tolerate but love their harness. So, grab a treat and let's leash out some tail-wagging wisdom on getting your furry pal to embrace their harness with open paws! 🐾🐕

The Perfect Fit

When it comes to harnesses, the perfect fit isn't just a style statement, it's a comfort necessity for your four-legged friend. A well-fitting harness ensures your pup can strut their stuff without any awkward tugs or discomfort. Not sure where to start? Our tail-wagging tip: Measure your furry pal like a pro using our easy harness size guide to get the fit that's just right. 

Soft and Snug

When it comes to choosing a harness for your dog, comfort should be high on your checklist. A comfortable harness can make a world of difference during those long walks and playdates. Look for harnesses with padded designs that are gentle on your pup's fur and won't cause any chafing or irritation. A harness that fits snugly without being too tight ensures that your furry friend can move freely without any discomfort. So, before you hit the pavement, make sure your pup is all set for a cosy and enjoyable outing.

Step-by-Step Harness Introduction

Introducing your dog to a harness might seem like teaching an old dog new tricks, but fear not – it's all about baby steps. Begin by laying the harness out and letting your pup give it a good sniff, turning it into a familiar scent. When it's time to put it on, ensure a calm environment, keeping anxiety at bay. Slip the harness on gently, offering treats and praise as you do so. The key here is positive association – make sure your pup associates the harness with delightful experiences. With a sprinkle of patience and a dash of positivity, your pup will soon be strutting confidently in their new accessory.

Trendy Styles, Tail-Wagging Smiles

Elevate your pup's fashion game with our latest lineup of trendy harness designs that are sure to turn heads – both human and canine! But we don't stop at just harnesses – complete the ensemble with matching collars and leads for a cohesive look that's the epitome of dog elegance. Your furry friend deserves to be the star of the sidewalk runway, and our stylish offerings are here to make that happen. So, let your pup strut their stuff with tails held high, exuding confidence and charm wherever they roam.

Playful Pawsitive Reinforcement

Harness training can be a walk in the park – literally – when you harness the power of treats and praise. Make putting on the harness a joyful game by associating it with delightful rewards. Treat your pup to a tasty morsel and heap on the praise as you slip the harness on. Turning this routine task into an exciting activity not only eases any reluctance but also fosters a sense of accomplishment. Remember, it's all about celebrating the little victories along the way, transforming your furball into the superstar they truly are!

Exploring the Great Outdoors

With harness on and tail up, it's time for the grand adventure – stepping paw by paw from the cosy indoors to the wide world outside. The first walk is like a first date – take it slow, savouring each step, and relishing the journey together. Let your pup set the pace, allowing them to sniff, explore, and embrace their natural curiosity. It's not just a walk, it's a bonding experience filled with tail wags, new scents, and the pure joy of discovering the world together.

Troubleshooting Tail Woes

When the leash becomes a tug-of-war, or your pup transforms into a pulling powerhouse, fear not – you're not alone on this journey. We're here to tackle those common concerns head-on. To end the pulling parade, try techniques like stopping and changing directions when the leash is taut. As for the initial discomfort your pup might show, it's a balancing act. Give your pup time to adjust, but also be ready to adjust the fit if it's causing undue stress. Remember, we're all about finding that harmony between pup and harness!


My dog keeps trying to wriggle out of the harness. What can I do?

Wriggle no more! Try adjusting the harness for a snug fit and using positive reinforcement to create a positive association.

Can my dog wear the harness all day?

While our harnesses are comfy, it's best to give your pup some harness-free time to prevent any rubbing or irritation.

What if my dog still pulls during walks?

Don't give up! Our blog has tips on curbing the pulling behaviour and making walks an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Are these harnesses suitable for puppies?

Absolutely! Our range includes adjustable harnesses perfect for puppies, ensuring they grow up loving their harness.

How often should I clean the harness?

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it! Check out our harness care tips to keep your pup looking stylish and feeling comfy.


Reflect on our shared insights, and don't hesitate to share your own victories. With a sprinkle of patience, a touch of affection, and the perfect harness, your furry companion will soon be strutting their stuff with utmost pride and joy! 🐶🐕

Remember, at Poppy + Ted, we're here to make sure your dog's fashion game is on point while ensuring their comfort and happiness. Happy harnessing, folks!


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