The Treat Pouch

The Treat Pouch

From design to end product - The Treat PouchTM

The Treat PouchTM like many of our products was created right here in house at Poppy + Ted out of a need for a stylish yet functional bag to assist our dog walks. After many, many, many month's of designing we finally launched in August 2020 and subsequently sold out 3 times in under 3 minutes! 

We were fed up of leaving the house with no pockets, juggling keys, phone, treats and a dog lead too… or if we did happen to have pockets on our outfit that day - ending up with lots of crushed treat crumbs we could never get rid of!

We are super proud of the end product. We took careful time and consideration to create something suitable and functional to every need we required.

From specific sizing so it wasn’t too bulky or too small, to water resistant lining for your phone. Ensuring the product was easily washable, to ensuring that treats weren’t so easy to topple out if left open. Easy access with a zip open front, which holds open just at the right angle for instant treat rewarding especially when it comes to training - and of course, that it looked just a stylish as our accessories. Because as we always say, who said your dog walking essentials had to be boring?

We’re really passionate about building a brand and creating products that are as useful as they are stylish. We’ve so many products up our sleeves for this year to add to our training and accessories sections - and it truly means a lot to us when we hear how much you love our items too - so thank you again for all of your continued support. We hope you get your paws on one!

Love always,
Paige @ Poppy + Ted 

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