The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist and Care Guide

The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist and Care Guide

Are you planning on expanding your family and welcoming a furry bundle of joy into your home? Congratulations! Nothing is more exciting than adopting a cute puppy and raising them from an overexcitable fur baby to a lifelong best friend. But it is important that you don’t get ahead of yourself in your excitement. 

When deciding to get a puppy, there is a lot to consider, including the essentials you need to have ready for the arrival and a plan of action for their training. Luckily, we are here to help! At Poppy + Ted, we have created the ultimate guide to getting a new puppy, which includes a comprehensive checklist of supplies and what you need to consider before deciding to adopt. 

What to Consider Before Getting a Puppy 

The first thing you must do before getting a puppy is to take the time to consider whether it is the best decision for you, your family and your home life. It is easy to get swept up in the romantic idea of a puppy in a hat box, but the practicality of this commitment is extremely important. When you’re excited about the potential new addition, you might fall back on the notion of love being all you need for a puppy. But this is far from true, and there is much more than cuddles that go into looking after a happy and healthy pup. 


Cost and expenses play a huge part in owning a puppy, which is more than the initial price you may pay a breeder. Puppies and dogs, in general, are expensive. You must not forget that you’re adding a whole extra body and life into your home, and they need to be factored into the regular bills and expenses you will pay out. From pet insurance and vet bills to the cost of food and grooming, all of these factors are essential in your puppy's life and need to be regularly maintained. If money is tight that month, there is no option to skip a week of dog food or a visit to the vet. 

Plus, this is not to mention the money you will need to invest in supplies to set up your puppy and settle them into their new life in your home. Dog beds, collars, leads and enrichment toys all add up. If you have only budgeted for the cost of your puppy and are unsure if you can financially accommodate the ongoing price, then a new puppy might not be the best choice right now. 


Another important aspect to consider before getting a puppy is available space. Of course, they might be small at first, but your puppy will grow into an equally as cute adult dog. This doesn’t mean that puppies and dogs are only a luxury for wealthy people with large houses, as you can safely keep a dog in a flat. But it does mean that you need at least enough space for your dog to have their own space and not feel cramped or trapped, as well as a safe outdoor space to access to use the bathroom and get fresh air. If your home is already feeling a little claustrophobic, now might not be the best time to add another body into the mix. 


Sometimes, people may decide to get a puppy because they’re planning some time off work or their kids have broken up for the summer holidays. Everyone knows you need time to settle a puppy into your home and train them. But many people underestimate how much time, care and attention are needed to look after a puppy. Suppose your lifestyle does not suit the additional commitment your puppy needs. In that case, you may need to consider a dog walker or puppy daycare to look after your puppy when you cannot. It’s important to remember that puppies require lots of care and attention, especially while they are young. You must be prepared for the amount of time and, in some instances, money this may require from you.

Checklist of Puppy Essentials 

By now, you should understand whether a puppy is a good and practical choice for your home and lifestyle. If you can comfortably say that time, expense and space are not a problem that could impact your decision, it is time to prepare for your new arrival. 

You need to buy a lot before bringing your puppy home for the first time. In fact, there are many essentials you may be forgetting, so to help you, we have put together an extensive checklist you need for your shopping trolley. 

puppy in harness

You might think some items on this list are obvious, but everything we have noted is an essential part of keeping your puppy happy and healthy. 

Remember: Grooming and teeth brushing are as important to start training from puppyhood as toilet training is, as training a puppy rather than an adult dog is much easier for all involved. 

Welcoming Your Puppy Home 

Once you have checked and triple-checked our must-have puppy essentials checklist, you can arrange a date to bring your puppy home. You also need to ensure you have taken off the appropriate amount of time from work to settle your new puppy in and begin the training. We recommend between one and two weeks!

You can shop must-have essentials for your new puppy all in one place at Poppy + Ted, and enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £40. From collars, harnesses and leads for walkies to snuggly comforts like a bed and blanket, start ticking off your checklist today. 


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