Are you sick and tired of walking with your dog’s mess in your hand, searching for an appropriate waste bin to dump it? At Poppy + Ted, we have the answer with our used poo bag holder. Introducing the Poop Pal, a small yet genius solution to carrying your dog’s mess to the nearest bin without having it in hand. We've removed the need for you to juggle a million things in your hands, so there are no more excuses for not picking up after your pooch. Simply tie off the poop bag like usual and push the knot through the dog poop holder; it’s that simple.  

You can make dog walking a total breeze and complete your walkies kit with dog poop bags and a poop bag holder also available. These handy tools simply clip to your dog’s lead to make any stroll, jog or hike fun and easy. We ship all UK orders within 24 HOURS. We even ship internationally too! You can also pay later with Klarna.