5 Pawsome Gifts for Dog Dads this Christmas

5 Pawsome Gifts for Dog Dads this Christmas

Dec 14, 2023Mike Lewis

Welcome to our Dog Dad's Christmas Gift Guide! We've scoured for the most thoughtful, practical, and downright delightful presents tailored specifically for those incredible dog-loving dads in your life. Whether they're adventurers, jokesters, or those who simply adore their furry companions, this guide is packed with unique and heartwarming gift ideas guaranteed to bring joy to both dog dads and their beloved pups this Christmas.


1. For the Adventure Seeking Dog Dads 

For dog dads who revel in adventure alongside their furry sidekick, the Extra Tough 3 Click Dog Harness is the perfect companion. Crafted for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, this harness is more than just gear; it's an invitation for dogs to join their dads on epic escapades. From exhilarating hikes to exhilarating bike rides, this harness ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing adventurous pups to move freely and safely. Its durable design, like a trusty sidekick, stands up to the most active escapades. Ideal for dog dads who adore exploring the great outdoors with their loyal companions, this harness is the ultimate gift choice to elevate their adventures and create unforgettable moments together. Shop the Extra Tough 3 Click Dog Harness in jet black from Poppy + Ted today. 


2. A Picture Perfect Gift 

Looking for a gift that perfectly captures the charisma of a dog dad? Enter 'The Dogfather' custom pet portrait from Cherie Did This. What better present for a dog dad that combines all of his favourite things? His pooch, classic movies, refined style and, of course, being a dog dad! Perfectly placed in the office or man cave, this portrait encapsulates the essence of dog fatherhood. Its personalised touch immortalises the beloved pet in a stylish and dignified manner, blending seamlessly with any décor. 

Beyond being a stunning piece of art, it's a tribute to the special bond shared between a man and his four-legged confidant, making it a thoughtful and unique gift choice for dog dads who truly embody 'The Dogfather.' Personalise the 'The Dogfather' Custom Pet Portrait from Cherie Did This for the dog dad in your life today, and win Christmas with the perfect present. 


3. The Grown-Up BFF Bracelets for Dog Dads

Every good Christmas gift should be thoughtful with a good dose of fun, so what better present for the dog dad in your life than the grown-up equivalent of BFF bracelets? Celebrate the unbreakable bond between dog dads and their furry pals with this adorable "Best Friend" keyring + dog collar charm set. It's the ultimate way for them to wear their heart on their sleeve (or collar!). This cute and thoughtful gift symbolises the inseparable connection shared between man and his loyal companion. 

The matching set not only adds a touch of charm to their everyday accessories but also serves as a heartwarming reminder of the cherished friendship with their four-legged bestie. Whether they're out and about or simply enjoying a quiet moment, this set is a sweet token of appreciation for the dog dad's unwavering love for his pup. Shop the 'Best Friend' Keyring + Dog Collar Charm Set from Kutuu. 


4. A Stocking Stuffer to Make a Dog Dad Smile 

Looking for the ultimate stocking filler or a unique addition to any gift for the dog dad in your life? Enter the Poop Bag Waste Carrier in the Dog Dad design. This practical yet playful accessory isn't just a convenient way to handle the mess; it's a statement piece that showcases a dog dad's love and sense of humour. Compact and easily portable, it's the perfect stocking filler, ensuring every walk with their furry sidekick remains hassle-free. 

Picture this: ditch the traditional gift tag and affix this fun charm to their present instead. After all, there is never any mistaking the dog dad in the family! Add a playful touch with this small but impactful present that embodies practicality and a dash of dog dad pride. Shop the Poop Bag Waste Carrier in the Dog Dad design from Poppy + Ted today. 


5. Bring a Smile to their Face with their Own Face

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the dog dad who has it all? Look no further than this set of personalised pyjamas. Let's be honest; you can never have too many pairs of cosy PJs, and what better way to relax than in a pair designed just for dog lovers? These pyjamas are the ideal gift for those nights spent cuddled up with their fur baby or enjoying a movie marathon. Plus, they're not just comfortable; they're hilarious! Personalised with a truly mesmerising mash-up of dad and dog lad’s faces, they're sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face this festive season. A funny yet practical gift, these PJs are the ultimate solution when you're stumped for ideas, delivering comfort and laughter in equal measure. Shop the Dog Mash Mens Pyjamas Shorts Set from Dogsy today. 


Look For More Tail-Wagging Gifts at Poppy + Ted

As we wrap up our Dog Dad's Christmas Gift Guide, we hope you've found the perfect present to celebrate the bond between man and his four-legged best friend. But wait, there's more! Explore Poppy + Ted's site for an array of inspired gifts, from stylish bandanas to safety-conscious car seat belts, curated to make every moment with your furry companion special. Whether it's adventures on the horizon or cosy nights by the fire, find the ideal gifts to pamper both dog dads and their beloved pups.


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