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DIY Christmas Treats and Gifts For Your Dog

When everyone is opening their Christmas Day gifts, it’s only fair to give your furry friends a little something too. Not only will this keep them occupied from tearing open your presents, but there are some great doggy gift ideas out there that your pup is guaranteed to love. You don’t have to worry about spending extra money either! We’ve compiled a list of the ultimate DIY dog gifts perfect for any dog owner and their canine this Christmas and recipes showing how to make delicious dog treats.

Check out these amazing DIY dog Christmas treats and gifts that won’t break the bank. Get creative with your kids to create these super cute treats and crafts this festive season!

Christmas Cookies

Save your dog from eating the turkey or the furniture with these delicious treats this Christmas. These doggy Christmas biscuits can be made all year round, but why not treat your dog to something extra special and festive? You can cut them into seasonal shapes like gingerbread people, trees, or even Santa hats! They’re really easy and fun to make and can be kept fresh in a standard cookie jar or Tupperware. See the recipe here!

If you want to make things even easier (but even tastier), why not check out our range of Christmas dog treat biscuit mix bottles? Perfect as a gift, or a cosy Winter activity to treat your own pup - these bottles are jam packed with healthy ingredients for dog biscuits.

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Quick 5-Ingredient Tasty Treats

Save your dog from eating anything it shouldn’t on Christmas Day. Human foods, especially meats and gravy, can be too rich for your dog, particularly if they have a sensitive stomach. Why not treat them to something they’ll love and that won’t upset their tummy? These tasty treats are a healthier way to spoil your furry friends as they deserve, and they are quick and easy to make. 

Christmas Teddy & Toy Box

If you’re looking for an affordable way to personalise a gift for your pup this Christmas, you might need to think outside the box… literally! Gather up your dog’s favourite festive toys and teddies in a personalised toy box. You can purchase a plain wooden crate and decorate it with your dog’s name and lots of seasonal items. The whole family can get involved and add their own personal touch too!

Paw-some Pooch Stockings

Everyone deserves a Christmas stocking, even your dog. This gift idea is great for the whole family as you can all make a personalised stocking each. You can decorate them in reds, greens, glitter, and more! DIY Stockings can be used year after year and be the start of a wonderful tradition for everyone to enjoy. You can fill your dog stocking with perfect doggy presents they can enjoy all year round.

Reclaimed Fabric Soft Toys

Have you got any worn out jeans? Or, perhaps you have some outgrown kids' clothes. What if we told you that these could be made into some brilliant Christmas gift for your dog? You can dye your fabric festive colours or cut it into Christmas shapes. Stuff your material with a soft cushion filling, sew it together, and you’ve got a great gift that reduces fabric waste and saves you splashing out on brand new toys.

Golden Gummy Stars

Whether you want to award a year of good behaviour or you want to treat your dog to something special, these gummy gold stars will make the perfect present. Using all-natural ingredients, your dog is sure to find these gummy treats as delicious as they look. Check out the recipe here!

DIY Smart Dog Shirt Collar

If you’re a person who likes to get dressed up for Christmas, why not make sure your dog looks dapper too? DIY shirt collars are the perfect way to jazz up your pooch’s outfit for the festive season, and you can easily make them out of old work shirt collars too. If you’re feeling extra snazzy, you can accompany your new shirt collar with a cute doggy bow tie

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