Puppers Club Feature Friday! Get To Know: Joey the Griffon Bruxellois

Puppers Club Feature Friday! Get To Know: Joey the Griffon Bruxellois

Jan 18, 2024Paige Gillard
Welcome back to another FEATURE FRIDAY, where each week we get to "meet" and find out more about YOU - our amazing community. This week we're talking to Ruth who has been a Poppy + Ted customer since 2021! 

Let's dive in...

What’s yours and your dog(s) name and social media handle?
I’m Ruth and my dog’s name is Joey. His instagram handle is @guineagrove. We share pictures of Joey’s angel sister Layla and angel brother Harley there too.

(Joey (left) and Layla (right) both wearing Poppy + Ted Circa 2020/21 designs now discontinued.)

What breed and age is your dog(s)?
Joey is a 4 year old smooth Griffon Bruxellois 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog(s)!
I love squishy faced dogs, especially pugs and griffons and I love going for long dog walks. I am addicted to buying dog harnesses! 
Joey’s favourite pass time is chasing squirrels in the woods, and seagulls on the beach. He loves puzzle toys, his current favourite is a snuffle ball that he got for Christmas. His favourite treats are ostrich tendons.

Where is your favourite place to go for a walkies / explore?
We love walking on the beach in Norfolk, especially when the tide is out. Joey loves all the space and he runs and runs. He will even have a paddle in the sea on a hot day, but he doesn’t like swimming.

(Joey wearing Happy Stamp Adjustable Harness now discontinued. Check out our alternative 'brother' colourway, Coffee In The Morning.)

Does your dog(s) have any funny traits, special talents or have any funny stories to share with us?
Joey is very vocal and he has different barks, depending on the occasion. A squeaky bark for chasing squirrels and a little howl when he greets people that he knows. Joey is often mistaken for a pug cross and other breeds, including a baby Boxer! He knows a few tricks and has learned how to hug a toy to get a treat, it’s really sweet to watch.

Where did you first hear about Poppy + Ted?
I saw other dogs wearing them on Instagram and knew that we had to add some to our collection

What was your first ever Poppy + Ted purchase?
I bought a Totally Terrazo harness for my pug Layla. 

What is it about Poppy + Ted that you love the most?
I like the variety of patterns and colours that are available. The harnesses are really good quality, in fact, Joey was saved from being injured on barbed wire by his Autumn Dreams harness!

(Joey wearing No Rain, No Flowers the 'sister' print to now discontinued Autumn Dreams.)

What’s your favourite Poppy + Ted product you own and why?
My faves must be the Totally Terrazo harness, it’s so pretty and Layla looked lovely in it. My favourite one on Joey is another oldie, Charcoal in the City. 

What’s on your “MUST HAVE” list to buy next?
Definitely a fleece, Joey feels the cold and I love the design with the zip 

If you could only recommend ONE Poppy + Ted item to a dog owner, what would it be?
The adjustable harness. They are soft and comfortable and allow room for your pup to grow or to put a jumper underneath.

Any other comments or feedback you’d love to share with our community?
If you’ve never tried a Poppy and Ted harness you won’t regret adding one (or more) to your collection. But beware, buying them can become addictive! 

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