Puppers Club Feature Friday! Get To Know: Toddi, Whinni, Penni & Barni!

Puppers Club Feature Friday! Get To Know: Toddi, Whinni, Penni & Barni!

Jan 12, 2024Paige Gillard
Introducing our brand new Puppers Club FEATURE FRIDAY!

Each week we'll get to know YOU our lovely community even more, finding out more about our customers and their dogs and why they chose Poppy + Ted for their dog walking essentials. You might find a new dog walking spot, product recommendation or a new friend to follow. 

This week we're talking to Amy (customer since April 2022!!) and her dogs, Toddi, Whinni, Penni & Barni! So let's get into it:

What’s yours and your dog(s) name and social media handle?

Toddi,  Whinni, Penni, Barni (Instagram: @toddi_and_whinnis_adventures)

What breed and age is your dog(s)?
They are all cavalier King Charles spaniels. 
Toddi is 3, whinni is nearly 2, Penni is 1 and Barni is the baby of the family at 8 months.

(Wearing Luxe Berry Dalmatian and Luxe Blue Houndstooth)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog(s)! 

I’m Amy, a dog obsessed 20 year old!My favourite breed is cavalier King Charles …. Obviously :) 
Toddi is my eldest, he is ball mad !! He would play fetch 24/7 if I let him. 
Whinni loves to play and tease her siblings but loves nothing better than a cuddle on the sofa at night. Penni and Barni are double trouble! Constantly playing and running around the house! Always causing mischief together one way or another, but they are equally so incredibly loving to everyone they meet. 

Where is your favourite place to go for a walkies / explore?

Our favourite ever adventures have to be when we are in Cornwall! It’s our favourite place. The dogs love beach walkies the most. They love to play in the sea, dig in the sand and climb in all of the rock pools.

(Wearing Poppy + Ted Zip-Up Dog Fleece in Beige with Flower Patch 3-Click Tough Harness (left) and No Rain, No Flowers 3-Click Tough Harness (right).

Does your dog(s) have any funny traits, special talents or have any funny stories to share with us?

All of the dogs make me laugh on the daily but one thing Toddi does that makes me giggle, is try to give me paw at any moment he can, because he knows if he gives paw he will get treatos … He is a very greedy boy! 

Where did you first hear about Poppy + Ted?

They first time I came across Poppy + Ted was in a local pet boutique. From then on I have been Pop and Ted obsessed! 

What was your first ever Poppy + Ted purchase? 

Our first ever purchase from Poppy + Ted was the Autumn Dreams harness
(sadly now discontinued but click here if you'd like an alternative.)

What is it about Poppy + Ted that you love the most?
One thing that I love about Poppy + Ted is that they don’t just make stylish accessories for small dogs like mine, they also make harnesses for big dogs too! 
What’s your favourite Poppy + Ted product you own and why?
My favourite product that I own from poppy and ted has to be Berry Dalmatian Adjustable Harness not just because it is beautiful (it is stunning) but also because I bought it from their stall at Crufts. It was my first time meeting the team and they were so lovely, so the harness brings back a great memory. 

What’s on your “MUST HAVE” list to buy next?

Next on my list is definitely the Caramel Leopard Adjustable Harness . The design is absolutely gorgeous! 

If you could only recommend ONE Poppy + Ted item to a dog owner, what would it be?

It would have to be the Ultimate Dog Walking Bag. I use mine everyday! The flat water bottle is super handy as it doesn’t take up space because it has its own compartment. It’s plenty big enough to fit all of the dog walking essentials in, and it’s just so beautiful. I actually use mine when I’m not walking the dogs because, like it said, it is just so beautiful. 

Any other comments or feedback you’d love to share with our community?

If you haven’t already purchased anything from Poppy + Ted you need to checkout their products! You will not regret it. 

(Wearing Houndstooth Cinnamon Spice 3-Click Tough Harness (left) and Coffee in The Morning 3-Click Tough Harness (right).

Thank you so much to Amy for taking part in our first ever Feature Friday. If you'd like to get involved and be our next Feature tag us on our Social Channels #popandtedthreads so we can find you! 

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