Top Puppy Names of 2022 According to Kennel Club

Top Puppy Names of 2022 According to Kennel Club

Top Puppy Names of 2022 According to Kennel ClubIf you’re planning on welcoming a puppy into your life, you’ve probably been going over the details meticulously. Training, puppy sitting, toys and food are essential information and are easy to research. But the part that you think might be the easiest can sometimes prove to be trickier than you first thought, and that is naming! 

Some people pick a name before they’ve even met their pup, and others spot their new furry friend and instantly know what name they suit. But if you have found yourself uninspired by names and unsure what to choose, we are here to help. 

The Kennel Club has recently released the most popular male and female dog names of 2022 so far. We have listed them here to help you with your naming inspiration!

Top 10 Boy Puppy Names 

Presenting the top 10 most popular boy dog names of 2022 so far! Has your favourite made the list?

top 10 boy puppy names

1. Teddy

Topping the list of most popular boys' names for dogs is Teddy. Perfect for fluffy dogs that are as cuddly as teddy bears, the name Teddy just makes sense. However, the name also has more meaning behind it. With French origins, the name Teddy means "wealthy protector," "brave people," and "God's gift”, very fitting for our furry best friends!

2. Milo

The name Milo has origins in both German and Latin descent. In German, the name means “soft heard, merciful”, and in Latin, it means “protector”.


Buddy as a name has a more obvious meaning of friend, but we love that way it reminds us of the Christmas classic film, Elf, making it a perfect choice in the wintertime especially.

4. Puppy

Sometimes simple is best, and the name Puppy is as sweet as can be. 

5. Reggie

The name Reggie, short for Reginald, means “rule’s advisor”. An ideal choice for the pup is King of the house. 

6. Cooper

While Cooper is of English origin, it is a preppy name made popular in American culture. 

7. Loki

Loki is a name of Norse origin from the God of Mischief. The name is popular for dogs, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which Loki is a fan favourite for living up to his title. 

8. Max

Max means “the greatest” and has been a favourite puppy name for years. 

9. Charlie

Of German origin, the name Charlie means “free man” and “warrior”.

10. Bailey

Finally, just making it into the top 10 is Bailey, which means “loyal” and “good-natured”, two things that every pup is!

Top 10 Girl Puppy Names 

If you’re naming a girl and want a name as sweet and cute as they are, then look to the top 10 girls' names of 2022. 

top 10 girl puppy names

1. Bella

Bella is a perfect name for your little puppy and is an ideal choice. It has origins in Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, Portuguese, and Greek descent and means the same thing in every language, beautiful. There is no wonder why the name Bella is topping the list of 2022 so far! 

2. Willow

Originally, the name Willow comes from “willow tree” and comes from Old English. The trees are known for their graceful nature and willowy structure.

3. Daisy

The name Daisy is fresh, wholesome and energetic and is perfect for the pup that is bursting to bloom. 

4. Lola

Lola is a popular Spanish name that has gained popularity for its fun and exuberant sound. This sweet name is ideal for excitable and sweet puppies.

5. Ruby 

A long-standing favourite name for girl dogs, the name Ruby is the same as the precious stone. 

6. Poppy

The second flower name making the top 10, Poppy, is a feminine choice for any puppy that is a little lady in the making. 

7. Rosie

Derived from the name Rose, the name Rosie for a dog means “sweet” and “loyal”, traits you can expect from your new furry family member.

8. Mabel

Mabel is a traditional name that means “beautiful, loving and lovable”, originally derived from the name Amabel. 

9. Bonnie

From Scottish origins and often used to describe something as “pretty” or “attractive”, the name Bonnie is cute and sweet for any little pup.

10. Nala

Finally, number ten on the list is Nala, a name in Swahili that means “queen”, “lion”, and “successful”. It was made popular by the classic Disney film, The Lion King, in which the character Nala is a spirited heroine, an ideal choice to name your little lady after. 

Finding a Name to Match their Personality 

We hope you have found the inspiration you need here to name your puppy! Whether you find the perfect name on this list or have been inspired to choose something similar, we know you will find the ideal name to match their personality. 

Once your name is chosen, you should look for collars, leads, harnesses and accessories that bring out their personality. You could even find names in our collection at Poppy + Ted that match their names! 

Our advice to you is to not overthink the name, as when you see it, you will know. 

For more inspiration, why not find out the top 2021 names for dogs from The Kennel Club


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