What Dog Breed Suits Me Best

What Dog Breed Suits Me Best?

What Dog Breed Suits Me BestWhether you already have a dog, are looking to expand the family, or are considering getting your first puppy, you have no doubt questioned what dog would suit you best. Of course, just like people, not every dog is the same, and they all have their own little personalities. But breeds tend to have similarities in temperament and their needs. Finding a breed that complements you and your lifestyle can ensure a harmonious relationship that ensures everyone feels fulfilled. 

To do this, you need to avoid being swept up by the latest dog breed trend

Why You Should Avoid Dog Breed Trends

Of course, it is so sad to see dog breeds turned into trends, but it is impossible to miss surges in ownership of different breeds every couple of years. For example, you might have noticed more and more of your friends and influencers on social media adopting pugs and French bulldogs. In fact, French bulldogs were the second most popular dog breed in 2021, according to 4Paws

This is not to say that trending dog breeds are the wrong choice. But when you take a step back from the most ‘aesthetic’ and ‘trending’ pooches, you open yourself and your heart to the perfect furry friend to fit seamlessly into your life. 

Choosing the Right Dog Breed for You

If you’re looking for the advice and guidance to help you find the breed that fits you best, we are here to help. We have pulled together some of the most important considerations that might best relate to your circumstances to help you determine what dog breed may be the best fit. 

For the First-Time Pet Owner

If you have never owned a dog before, we recommend choosing a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. This adorable breed has a perpetual puppy-like appearance and is known for being sweet and affectionate! 

With their gentle demeanour and small stature, Cavalier King Charles spaniels thrive in all kinds of households and only require basic exercise and training. This means that you don’t have to be a dog whisperer to get your furry friend to behave as Cavalier King Charles spaniels respond well to basic commands and training. They’re also attentive and generally quiet creatures. If you’re worried that you would be unprepared for the changes the new addition to your family will bring, we believe Cavalier King Charles spaniels offer the most seamless transition. 

For the Remote Worker

Are you a permanent remote worker looking for a friend to spend your days with? If so, then you might want to look into a Yorkshire terrier breed for your furry companion. 

We know that Yorkies can often be described as little terrors, but don’t let that put you off. When Yorkshire terriers become ‘scrappy’, this is just because they have not been properly engaged and had their needs met. Once again, a great reason why you should take the time to research what breeds are best suited to your lifestyle. 

Yorkshire terriers are very cuddly dogs that love comfort and luxury. They also need attention. Whether it's cuddling while lounging around the house or playtime in the garden, they will keep you in the right balance of activity while you’re working from home. If it’s time to get up and stretch your legs, a Yorkshire terrier will ensure you know it as they can be quite bossy! 

For the Family Home 

For homes with children, whether younger or older, the best breed for families is the Labrador retriever. 

It’s no surprise that this breed is the most popular in the UK, as labradors are notorious for being child-friendly. They’re best suited to homes with children as they are energetic yet calm, making them well suited to the hustle and bustle of modern life. They love classic chasing and fetching games, as well as cuddling, so they will play with the kids all day and snuggle up with them to wind back down. Labradors are also famed for their loyalty and will bond closely with the whole family. 

Similarly, golden retrievers are also great family dogs, as they are eager to please, along with being happy, loyal and affectionate. With small children, they are renowned for their patience and remain apathetic. However, you should always be careful of small children around dogs of any breed and never leave them alone together unsupervised. Of course, the two can not communicate, and there are instances when even the most gentle of dogs can snap. Ensure you always advocate and be the voice for your dog by watching their body language - they’ll give you sure signs of feeling uncomfortable or uneasy which will give you ample time to step in and avoid any instances in the first place. 

For the Person that Never Stops

Do you live to exercise and keep fit? Having a running partner can make your workout routines less lonely and encourage you to get up and out, even when you’re just not feeling it.

Any dog might seem like a good fit for those with an active lifestyle. Still, some breeds are better suited to longer bouts of exercise and different terrains. 

We recommend choosing a Weimaraner breed for your ideal running companion. This medium-sized, well-muscled dog breed is highly energetic, as well as very active and intelligent. They have a strong desire to run and play for long periods, particularly with their owners, making them the perfect running buddy. 

Similarly, dalmatian breeds are also strong, athletic and active, with great stamina for longer exercise sessions. Able to keep up with fast runners and match pace, be careful to only run with your dalmatian dogs on soft trails for long distances as dalmatians are known pavement pounders!

For the Flat Owner

Provided you take your pup out for regular walks, plenty of dog breeds are suited for flat or apartment life. 

We recommend focusing your search on smaller dog breeds because they don’t take up too much space and don’t require as much exercise as larger breeds. The Bichon Frise is an excellent choice for apartment living as these cuddly dogs are small in stature and have even temperaments. Plus, their soft and fluffy coats don’t shed, limiting the risk of allergy exposure to guests and finding yourself covered in hairs in such a small space. 

Another great apartment-sized dog is the Pomeranian, a breed which falls under the ‘toy dog’ category. Although a lively breed, their tiny size means they’re well suited to flat life and don’t need to live next door to the park to be perfectly happy and content! 

If you need more advice on how to make your apartment of flat dog friendly, don’t hesitate to find out more in our ‘Dog in the City’ guide. 

Now You Have Found Your Furry Best Friend 

We have thought of every possible consideration you may ask yourself upon first deciding you’re ready for a dog. So now, we hope you have all the information and advice needed to take you on a journey to choosing your new furry best friend! 

Just remember, every dog is unique, and our guide to choosing the right breed is just a general guideline on different breed temperaments and behaviour. Have you ever heard someone boast that their pup is just like a human? Keep that in mind, too, when considering your lifestyle. 

Once you have met the dog of your dreams, don’t forget to ensure you have all the essentials ready to welcome them home. This includes supplies for grooming and of course, the most practical and comfortable dog collars, leads and harnesses to ensure they’re getting enough exercise.

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