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If you have gone from owning one dog to two (or more) then you'll know you're up for a brand new challenge.

You've suddenly got two dogs pulling you in two different directions and you're left juggling two leads, trying to walk in a straight line without being tripped up and let's not forget when you have to stop to pick up a poop! Am I right? 

We are so thrilled to bring to you our brand new Split Leads as part of our best-selling Essentials. 
Available as two separate parts, you can create your own multi-lead combo!

Our Split Leads works in two parts: 

1. Traffic Lead Handle - a double use item, you can use this item on it's own as a short length lead, otherwise known as a "traffic lead" (perfect for use in training and/or when you need to keep your dog close), as well as the handle and main lead for building your Split Lead Combo.

2. Split Lead Attachment - an adjustable length split lead (single) to suit each dog you're walking - featuring our standard trigger clip lead attachment for use with a Collar or Harness at one end, and a D ring at the other to attach to your Traffic Lead Handle.

You can build your split lead to walk up to 3 small breeds or 2 larger breeds on one handle. Purchase each part individually in all 6 of our Ombré Essentials Collection colour-ways so you can build your very own colour combo. Choose your Traffic Lead Handle plus 2 or 3 Split Lead Attachments (as required) to build your own split lead of dreams!

Packed full of comfort and style with our signature soft padded handle and featuring 3 handpicked shades, shop our Yellow Gold Ombré Essentials Lead.

- Colour: Yellow Ombré design.
- Durable polyester print lead - comfort + style!
- Branded Poppy + Ted signature soft neoprene padded handle.
- Machine washable at 30 (hand wash when soaking is required)
- Quick drying

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ONE SIZE: 3/4 inch (approx 2cm) width | 60cm length